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Estrogenic activity

kudzu extract for alcoholism

Still, more research needs to be done to prove whether it’s truly effective. Because prescription medications are not universally used or have a perceived modest effect (Krystal et al., 2001; Mark et al., 2003), providing heavy drinkers with any type of intervention that yields even a modest reduction in drinking is desirable. Furthermore, there is a need to develop efficacious medicines from natural products that have kudzu extract for alcoholism a low incidence of side effects or toxicity (Xu et al., 2005). The ultimate role that natural preparations play will be complementary and might be useful in treating drug withdrawal and possibly relapse (Lu et al., 2009). There is some evidence that kudzu root dietary supplements may cause liver injury. One study in mice found that taking 10 mg per day of kudzu root extract for 4 weeks caused liver toxicity (15).

kudzu extract for alcoholism

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  • There are many ways, both medical and traditional, that are used to treat alcohol abuse or dependence.
  • Because my drinking levels were so stupendously high in the first place, kudzu did not turn me into a moderate drinker by any stretch of the imagination.
  • There is, however, one case report of allergic reaction following use of a combination herbal product containing kudzu (Kakkonto).
  • In the first, kudzu extract was administered for 7 days and acute binge drinking was suppressed (Lukas et al., 2005).

And, contrary to disulfiram treatment, the drinking that did occur after kudzu administration did not result in any noxious side effects, increases in subjective ratings of nausea, uncomfortable, or feeling terrible. The reduction in drinking was evident rather quickly as it was apparent for the second through sixth beers and no kudzu-treated participant drank five or six beers, which suggests that binge drinking was curtailed. Our laboratory has been involved in assessing an extract of the kudzu root (Pueraria lobata) for its ability to reduce alcohol consumption in humans. In the first study, kudzu extract was administered for 7 days and acute binge drinking was suppressed (Lukas et al., 2005). In the second study, participants who were treated for 4 weeks with kudzu extract significantly reduced their alcohol consumption during weeks 2 through 4 of the study (Lukas et al., 2013).

  • We employed two different biochemical methods (urinary riboflavin and plasma puerarin levels), to monitor medication adherence.
  • In vitro, kudzu has demonstrated antiproliferative (1), anti-inflammatory (3), and neuroprotective (16) (18) properties.
  • You can find kudzu root for purchase in many supplement stores or online.

Kudzu Root: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects

Now kudzu’s popularity is also picking up in the Western world as a wellness supplement. Kudzu root is an edible part of a climbing vine that’s native to many Asian countries. It’s been used for health purposes in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a really long time. A growing number of double-blind, peer-reviewed studies have confirmed the effectiveness of using kudzu for alcoholism.

kudzu extract for alcoholism

  • Another report suggests that taking kudzu root by mouth might cause liver damage.
  • Another study found that people who took puerarin, an isoflavone extract from the kudzu plant, prior to drinking took longer to consume alcoholic beverages (3).
  • Early research focused on rats with good results, which were later replicated with human subjects.
  • The researchers observed 12 men and women in a double-blind placebo-controlled study.

You may be wondering how people use kudzu root and what to know when considering whether to give it a try. We found that, on average, each person consumed 7 units of alcohol after the placebo and, on average, 5.5 units after the kudzu. In China, it has been used to treat alcoholism since 600AD, and Western medicine is starting to take notice of this herbal remedy. The root in particular is valued for its medicinal properties, and the beneficial effects are thought be down to a group of compounds found in high concentrations within the plant, called isoflavones. This copyrighted material is provided by Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version.

  • I took several capsules per day before drinking, and went through all of it in about one month.
  • The anti-drunkeness properties of the extracts of Pueraria lobata (PL), also known as kudzu, have been known since the traditional Chinese medicine.
  • A total of 21 adult males (17 Caucasian, 1 African American, 2 Hispanic, 1 Middle Eastern; mean age 23.8 ± 3.46 years, range 21–33) were recruited through advertisements in local and college newspapers and flyers posted in the Boston area.

Kudzu Extract Reduces Alcohol Consumption by Heavy Drinkers

kudzu extract for alcoholism

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